The Faculty of Law embraces and aims to positively harness and utilise the resources that students and employees from different backgrounds, different life situations and different experiences bring. A large part of this work is conducted by a group specifically dedicated to questions of equal opportunities and equal treatment. The purpose of this group is to assist the Faculty Management in achieving its goal by actively promoting equal rights, opportunities and representation at the Department both as a study place and a workplace.

The group works continuously throughout the year to raise awareness of and arouse interest in issues of equality and equal treatment. With employees, students and prospective students in mind, the common goal is that everyone, regardless of ethnic affiliation, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation, age and socioeconomic background, is treated and met with respect and dignity. Discrimination, harassment and invisibility are completely unacceptable and should not occur at the Faculty of Law.

You can read more about the past year and the group's work on these issues in the "Report on Equal Rights and Opportunities” (Jämställdhets- och likabehandlingsplan) from 2017 and 2018 (below, in Swedish). One of the measures was to conduct a norm-critical study of the law programme (Studie av Juristutbildningen utifrån ett normkritiskt perspektiv 2017), the results of which are also available below (in Swedish).

If you feel that you have been subjected to discrimination or abusive treatment, you can contact the group's members, the Head of Department or the university's coordinator for equal treatment of students.

Below you will find the Faculty of Law’s "Report on Equal Rights and Opportunities" and other relevant policy documents, surveys, reports and links:


Jämställdhets- och likabehandlingsplan för 2018 (224 Kb)

Jämställdhets- och likabehandlingsarbetet 2017 (145 Kb)

Studie av Juristutbildningen utifrån ett normkritiskt perspektiv 2017 (466 Kb)

Swedish Discrimination Act

Information on Equal Treatment (students)

Information on Equal Treatment (staff)

University coordinator for equal treatment of students