To all students at the Department of Law

The whole university is now locked and access cards are required to enter the buidlings. Accordingly, the Department's own offices are also locked. Students should avoid being on campus. SU's library is for your information still open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 11.00.
The Department of Law currenly has two priorities:
- The health of students and staff
- The possibility for students to complete all their credits
Teaching will no longer take place on the premises and will instead be conducted digitally or in alternative forms. Mandatory examined course components are either cancelled or accommodated so that attendance is no longer required. Examination will be carried out in the form of home exams. Moot courts and the like for which there cannot be any alternatives will be cancelled and no further alternative needed. Deviations from the course syllabuses will therefore have to be made. The more extensive of these deviations are decided by the head of department, but others can be decided by course managers.

The situation is such that it is not possible to give precise information about what will apply in the future. The best we can do is adapt to and solve new situations as they arise in the most suitable way. Students who need special pegadogical support can contact the relevant course administrator should specific questions arise because of the new teaching methods implemented.

Our ambition is for changes to be communicated as early as possible, however much of what has happened so far has been decided at short notice. Our hope is that it will slowly be possible to give out information even earlier when the situation eventually returns to normal.
Contacts with teachers and course administrators should be made primarily via e-mails and secondly by telephone. Teachers are on site at the Department only to a very limited extent nd administrative staff (including course administrators and course amanuens) are not present at all. Physical reception hours are therefore cancelled. The course administrators have instead extended their telephone hours; see the course web pages for more information about this.
We have no more information to provide than what is communicated in this email, and further questions can prove difficult or even impossible to answer for the time being. We therefore ask that students contact us only after they have searched for information themselves on the course web pages, and to show consideration and patience for the administrative staff, who unfortunately find themselves overwhelmed with work at the moment. Still, questions that may arise should be asked primarily to the relevant course administrator. With that said, we are very grateful for all the support we have received from our students. We are all doing our very best in this extraordinary situation!
The current situation will most likely continue for a while. It is not impossible that teaching and other measures will only return to normal by the autumn semester.
General student information from Stockholm University about covid-19 is available on the following page:

Best regards

Gustaf Sjöberg
Head of Department