During the autumn semester, most teaching and examinations at Stockholm University have taken place digitally, including at the Department of Law. One of the main reasons for this is that the university follows the Public Health Agency of Sweden's advice on social distancing and regulations regarding public gatherings (where a maximum of 50 people is allowed). Due to the size of the student groups, these make lectures and examinations in many cases impossible to conduct in any other ways than digitally.

For the most part, the reasoning behind previous decisions regarding teaching form during the pandemic in the autumn is still relevant for the spring 2021. One major difference, though, is that the university premises are now open to students. The highest priority must of course remain to control the spread of the virus but at the same, there is a need to reflect on how teaching could be carried out e.g. for foreign students who, in some cases, have to physically attend their courses in order to have the right to stay Sweden or to credit their courses back at their home university.

Covid-19 will probably follow us for a long time. It is under the above-mentioned conditions that the Department of Law has formulated guidelines for teaching and examination for the spring semester 2021. Below, you will find information about what applies to the various types of courses offered to our international students. Please note that by "smaller groups", we mean groups that are smaller than 20 people and that also have fewer students than half of what the classrooms are designed for.

Courses for Exchange Students

Most specialized law courses for exchange students will have a certain degree of teaching with mandatory on-campus attendance. Examples of such teaching are seminars in small groups or so-called tutorials. The small groups will insure that physical distancing can be observed. Examination will be for the most part held online but sit-in exams on campus can be allowed if suitable premises can be secured, i.e. locals where exams can take place in small groups and where physical distance can be maintained at all times.

Courses on our International LL.M.s

All our LL.M. courses will have a certain degree of teaching with physical on-campus attendance. Examples of such teaching are seminars in small groups or so-called tutorials. Students conducting their studies from abroad will be able to apply for exemption from these on-campus instances. The default rule regarding thesis supervision and thesis examination is that that these take place online. However, in the event that the supervisor or examiner and the students in the group agree, the opposition seminars can be held on campus or partially online. The supervisor or examiner will thus not independently decide in what way the opposition seminars will be conducted, but will decide this in consultation with the students.

Schedule and Contact

The course schedules are published on each course page well in advance of course start. If you have questions regarding the planning of a specific course, please contact the course administrator whose contact email is specified at the bottom of each course page.