The chairperson of the Board is simultaneously the Head of the Department of Law. The Board formulates the guiding principles for the organisation of work, being also responsible for the use of the premises and allocation of other resources, as well as arrangement of teaching and exams. Other relevant issues concerning the operational activities of the Department are decided by the Head of Department, who directs and allocates work, being also responsible for the day-to-day management of the Department.


Members Deputies
Gustaf Sjöberg (Head of Department) Jérome Monsenego
Jane Reichel (Deputy Head of Department) Jaan Paju
Frantzeska Papadopoulou Jan Andersson
Johan Sandstedt  
Petra Hertzfeldt  
Annika Norée  
Marie Sandström  
Marcus Radetzki  
Mia Lundgren Roger Nilsson
Jenny Nyman Hök Sari Wrange


Student representatives Deputies              
Sandra Thobaben Tim Holappa
Elisabeth Hamill-Keays Sezen Alpek


Secretary of the Department Board
Madeleine Sandberg