In 1936 the Justice of the Supreme Court Edvard Cassel made a testamentary disposition to the effect that all of his estate, with the exception of a few legacies, should go to Stockholm University College, upon which a foundation should be established with its own leadership and administration. The objective of the Foundation was to promote the activities of the Faculty by means of subsidisation, especially in the sphere of private law.

The Foundation awards mainly travel grants and provides publishing and research subsidies for the professors and lecturers employed at the Faculty of Law. Subsidies for purchasing books for the various departments at the Law Faculty are also given following special application.

Board of Directors: Professor Göran Millqvist, chairperson; Leif Thorsson, Justice of the Supreme Court; Ola Åhman, Attorney-at-law

Secretary: Eva Rydheim Ahlberg and Ida Söderberg Tah