In order to apply for an exchange, you must first be nominated by your home university. The deadline for nominations are:

  • April 30 for the following autumn semester/whole academic year
  • September 30 for the following spring semester

Your home university will receive information from us about this in due time. You can check if your home universities is among our partners on the following pages:

Please note that if your home university is not among our partners, you cannot study law at Stockholm University as an undergraduate. As a free mover, you can only apply for our Master's Programmes.


After receiving the official nomination from your home university, we will contact you by e-mail with further information regarding the application procedure. 

You will apply online and be required to provide a copy of your most recent official transcript of records in English.

Students joining us in the autumn semester will receive the link to the online application at the beginning of May with a deadline in the middle of May.

Students who only come for the spring semester usually receive the information at the end of September. The deadline for the application is then in the middle of October.


Letter of Acceptance

You will receive your Letter of Acceptance by e-mail. If you are student from a university outside the European Union and need a hard copy of your Letter of Acceptance for visa or residency purposes, we can provide you with one. Please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency in order to find out rules regarding visas and residence permits.


Course Selection

You will be requested to select your courses after your Letter of Acceptance has been issued. You are expected to choose courses that have been pre-approved by your home university. It is possible to change courses during the academic year but only on condition that there are places left. The course selection will be made before each semester regardless of the duration of the exchange. Student staying for two semesters will therefore make two separate course selections, one for the fall (in June) and one for the spring (in November).



The application for student housing is completely administrated by Stockholm university’s Housing Office. They will contact you with relevant information after you have received your Letter of Acceptance.