Please note that there is only one application round for this programme: the application is open between mid-October and mid-January each year for commencement the following autumn semester.

Stockholm, both the city and the university, is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of arbitration. The rich environment provides opportunities for students, experienced practitioners, respected arbitrators, and visiting scholars during their time in our LL.M. in International Commercial Arbitration.

Hands-on, dynamic learning

Moot team in Vienna, 2017
Moot team in Vienna, 2017

In the ICAL programme, students actively put theory into practice. The dynamic learning environment encourages students to apply the theories they’ve learnt through hands-on problem solving, surrounded by students from a broad range of backgrounds and using a a wide array of scholarly and comparative perspectives. The learning continues outside of the classroom, through visits to conferences and arbitration institutes and also through extra activities like the highly successful moot team.

Applying knowledge through mock arbitrations and final theses

Throughout ICAL, students hone their skills in presentation, research, and writing, leading to two major projects – a complete mock arbitration and a master’s thesis. The mock arbitration follows the process from beginning to end – filing the request and other submissions, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, holding hearings and issuing a final award. The thesis hones scholarly skills, which some students have used to launch academic careers.

Programme Syllabus

More details about the programme syllabus can be found on Stockholm University's programme and course catalogue.


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