The simulation of the moot proceedings consisted of a full day of pleadings, where students demonstrated a high level of EU law knowledge, with two best teams proceeding to the finals. The team representing Claimant in the finals consisted of Marin Bankov and Elisavet Dravalou, and the team representing the Defendant consisted of Roxana Mina Kruse and Gintare Kumpikaite. The team representing the Claimant won the overall moot simulation, and the judges awarded two additional speaker prizes to Loris Cappello and Emma Ní Arrachtáin.

The judges in the simulation of the moot proceedings were Adrian Engman and Teresia Danielsson from Svea hovrätt and Björn Lundqvist, Katharina Voss, Alina Murg Perlmutter, Niousha Nademi, Branka Marušić, Anamaria Ghinea from Stockholm University.