From left to right: Julien Crousier, Akash Gupta, Fabricio Fortese, Maxime Chevalier, Miljana Bigovic, Julien Rodsphon, Seung-Woon Lee, Patricia Shaughnessy.


The 26th annual Willem C Vis Arbitration Moot, held in Vienna, included 372 university teams from 87 countries with students from 110 different nationalities. After days of intense oral pleadings, the Stockholm team made it to the elimination rounds and achieved placing in the top 16 teams. The team also received an Honourable Mention Award for its Claimant memorandum, a much-prized accomplishment.

The competition brought together nearly 5,000 people, of which about 1,400 were academics and practitioners, while the remaining were students. The competition included a large array of conferences, seminars, workshops and social activities.  This annual event provides a unique opportunity to highlight the strength of our Department’s education and research competence.

The team consisted of Stockholm students: Miljana Bigovic, Maxime Chevalier, Julien Rodsphon, Akash Gupta and Julien Crousier, as well as student coach Seung-Woon Lee.

Fabricio Fortese and Patricia Shaughnessy led the coaching of the team throughout the written and oral stages, which also included a number of pre-moots, one of which we hosted in Stockholm.

We are especially grateful for continued generous support of VINGE Advokatybrå which makes it possible for our teams to compete in the competition.