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Student life

Whether you are a master’s student or an exchange student, there are activities for everyone happening in and around campus. Below are a just a few examples of organisations and activities popular with law students.

jf logo

The Law Student’s Association (JF) offers a wide range of activities, including weekly pub nights, get-togethers, sports activities, meetings with the business community and job fairs. They also manage the International Law Student Sponsorship.

ELSA logo

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) in Stockholm offers career development through activities like lunch lectures, workshops, and networking events. As the name suggests, they have a Europe-wide network.

SUS logo

In addition to ensuring that students’ have a good working environment, the Student Union hosts clubs for many different groups, from Muslim to LGBTQ to Improvisational Theatre. They also have international student coordinators who provide advice and host excursions and party events.

Badminton, Photo: Arne Trautmann

Frescati Sports Center, a 6,250 m2 sports complex, is just a few minutes’ walk from the Law Department and offers affordable prices to university students. There are different areas that have cardio equipment, weights, classes, swimming, yoga, martial arts, and rental of indoor courts.


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