Two distinct areas can be identified in General Property Law research: one area entailing analysis of the commercial law, and the other involving consumer law research. The major subjects include contract law, the sale of goods law, preferential right to assets in the event of insolvency, as well as tort law. Some general issues concerning debt claims, transfer and ownership also belong here. These subjects used to be domestically oriented, but today international discussions are held concerning the need for harmonisation of legal rules in order to prevent the differences in the existing regulatory systems from constituting trade barriers. This means that the subject tops the EU’s agenda, and that there is a wide support for the introduction of a European statute book in the field of private law. Research in the field entails, as before, analysis of the legal rules, but also, which is even more important, identification of differences between the legal corpora used in different countries. Since 2001 the Centre for Commercial Law has been more actively involved in activities directed outwards. The Centre organises regular national and international seminars with contributions from both practitioners of law and academics