Torbjörn Andersson and Eva Storskrubb (Uppsala University)

Key-note speaker:
Diana Wallis (University of Hull, CSLS University of Oxford and former President of the European Law Institute)

Other confirmed speakers include:
Maria Astrup Hjort (University of Oslo)
Henrik Bellander (Stockholm University)
Adam Croon (Örebro University(
Laura Ervo (Örebro University)
Tuomas Hupli (University of Turku)
Xandra Kramer (Erasmus University)
Pia Letto-Vanamo (University of Helsinki)
Lotta Maunsbach (Lund University)
Anna Nylund (University of Tromsø)
Clement Salung Petersen (University of Copenhagen)
John Sorabji (University College London)
Magne Strandberg (University of Bergen)
Rolf Stürner (Freiburg University)
Anna Wallerman Ghavanini (University of Gothenburg)


The Model European Rules of Civil Procedure have been developed as a cooperative venture between the European Law Institute (ELI) and UNIDROIT. They constitute the most important comparative project on civil procedure in Europe since the Storme Report. Our conference seeks to bring together a broad group of Nordic proceduralists to discuss the Model Rules as well as their potential future impact from our particular Nordic perspective. The Model European Rules will be published soon.

The Model European Rules are now published at


The conference is free to attend. Please register to attend at

Due to applicable local restrictions the conference will be held online.
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