Edith Brown Weiss will hold the inaugural lecture in the Stockholm Environmental Law Lectures Series on November 29, 2018. The series is launched by Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre at Stockholm University to mark the continuation of the Centre’s distinguished academic activities in the past 15 years. The purpose of the new series is to organize a biannual outstanding lecture on environmental law by world leading scholars in this discipline.

Edith Brown Weiss is Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International Law at Georgetown University Law Center. She is a forerunner and one of the most renowned scholars in international environmental law in the world, with many significant academic publications in this area of law and many different missions for various international organizations. Her most known book, In Fairness to Future Generations: International Law, Common Patrimony, and Intergenerational Equity (1989), is a classic. The concept of "Intergenerational Equity", coined by Edith Brown Weiss and launched in this book, is today a key concept in international environmental law and the point of departure for the debate on environmental justice issues.

The title of Weiss’ Stockholm lecture is “Intergenerational Equity in a Kaleidoscopic World”. More details about the lecture, its venue and the exact time will follow in early September.

Best wishes,
Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre