Boken är slutfasen i ett forskningsprojekt med inriktning på arbetsrätt, upphovsrätt och integritetsskydd vid utbildning i digitala miljöer som fick ett anslag om 5,3 miljoner kronor ur Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond 2012.

Professor Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg som varit projektledare lyfter särskilt fram att: "There obviously is a need to bring in legal assessments, proactively, at the early stages of e-learning development... Law needs to play an active role. Last but not least, legal systems as such must protect and strengthen the values of a democratic society. When traditional academic learning is challenged internally and externally by commercialization and digitalization, academic freedom and the protections of privacy and moral rights are essential. The need for digital humanities is compelling in learning environments where artificial intelligence and associated algorithms have become part of our daily lives."