Stockholm University is one of Sweden's largest institutions of higher education, offering education and research at the highest level. All master's programmes at the Department of Law are taught in English and are structured according to the Bologna process for international comparability and compatibility.

In the academic year 2016-2017 the Department of Law will offer the following programmes:


Master in European Economic Law (EEL)

60 ECTS credits

The EEL programme has been offered for more than two decades now and has a well-established international reputation. The focus of study is on the law of the EU Internal Market, which is at the core of the European integration project.  At the same time the interplay between constitutional and economic law is emphasized and studied.  European legal methods are practiced through participation in an EU moot court and through interactive seminars and research workshops.

  EEL programme

Master in European Intellectual Property Law (EIPL)

60 ECTS credits

The EIPL programme was set up in year 2000, and has since reached true international recognition.  Students in the EIPL programme delve into the internationalization factors of European Union (EU) IP law, and looks at areas such as design rights, geographical quality indications, copyrights and patents and how they are affected by internatiolisation.

Students can specialize in IP system, industrial property, copyright, and other subjects. 

   EIPL programme

Master in International Commercial Arbitration Law (ICAL)

60 ECTS credits
For more than a decade this internationally top-ranked programme has educated students with combination of theory with practice format.  As well as participating in an academically rigorous and dynamic learning experience, students  carry out a complete mock arbitration based on an international dispute – including everything from written submissions, and holding hearings –, and  they also hone their legal research and writing skills.

   ICAL programme

The application period will open on 17 October 2016 and it will close on 16 January 2017. For information, please follow this link