The following questions will be raised: Is the division of responsibility between the state and the social partners with regard to social benefits and payments changing? What does this mean for those workers with a weak connection to the labour market? How are these issues dealt with in different national contexts? Is there a tension between these patterns and EU law on free movement of workers? Can the EU social dialogue play a role in this development?

The Swedish situation will be in focus during the first day of the symposium. The second day will be devoted to the development within the EU, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain.

The following researchers will give a talk: Mia Carlsson, Stockholm university; Stefano Giubboni, University of Perugia; Caroline Johansson, Uppsala university; Jenny Juhlén Votinius, Lund University; Suzanne Kali, Leiden University; Julia Lopez Lopez, Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona; Lilach Lurie, Tel-Aviv University; Tonia Novitz, Bristol University; Joakim Palme, Uppsala university and Dagmar Schiek Queen’s University Belfast. 

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Petra Herzfeld Olsson and Caroline Johansson