Financial Law

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Financial Law

Financial Law  deals with rules governing the tax obligations of private persons, companies and other entities vis-à-vis the state and the local governments. The various taxes include income tax, VAT, real property tax and wealth tax. The rules specify how tax is to be calculated for different persons (by assessing the taxation object, e.g. personal income, assets, and when tax payment is due. The taxation procedure too is regulated in detail  regarding the filing of income tax returns, tax authorities’ decisions,  appeals to the court, etc. The limits of Sweden’s tax laws vis-àvis those of other countries´is an issue of ever-growing importance in the field of financial law.


Pernilla Leviner
Director of Doctoral Studies
Phone: 08-16 32 89

Teresa Simon Almendal
Vice Dean / Chairman of the Research Committee
Phone: 08-16 23 67

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